Speaking Up

I opened my eyes this morning to a brand new day. The words “brand new” echoed through my mind as if someone clapped down an empty hallway. Motivation coursed through me as fluid as the blood in my veins. I stared at the ceiling as my wife arose from her side of the bed and could only think one thing. It’s about time!

On days where I work my day shifts it becomes difficult to write blogs to the caliber that I would like to post. My days off and night shifts provide more opportunity to reach out and share my thoughts. With that said, the past couple of days have sort of shaped todays’ mood in my personal opinion. I have learned several valuable lessons in finding flexibility, the power of taking deep breaths, and finding the confident voice that was buried deep down.

To those who know me in real life, I am a very “go with the flow” type of person. I never am one to call the shots and or oppose plans to their originators. A problem arose at work however and I decided to finally speak up. I wrote a formal complaint and took a deep breath before sending it, as I became nervous that I was stepping over my boundaries in complaining. “Am I really about to send this?”, I thought reluctantly. I clicked send and walked away from the computer anxiously. Can you guess what happened next? I was taken seriously! The following day, multiple people asked my opinion as to how to fix the issue! I decided after my discussions that I am going to write an email to my entire workplace with words of encouragement every day that I am on shift to strengthen both my voice as a person and hopefully our unity as a community with the common goal of success. I also had an epiphany.

Imagine yourself as a soda can. You sit idly on the counter until you are picked up by an excited child. You didn’t ask to be held, yet there you are suspended in air being shaken up like maracas in a mariachi band. Eventually your pressure is pushed to the limits that the can will hold. You feel your exterior tightening as you struggle to keep everything inside until finally…… YOU EXPLODE! Again, you didn’t ask for this outcome. You were perfectly fine sitting atop the counter. This would have never happened if the pressure was released. You would have never been shaken if you were open. Life is the same way.

If you learn to bend with situations in front of you while thinking of solutions, you will be surprised at what you can create in your mind and you won’t tense up under the stress. This can be with almost any situation at home, work, or even when you are trapped within your mind. When you take a deep breath you feel pressure release as you exhale. It can be a great feeling to sense stress wash away and can even show you that it is not a bad thing to open up. Talk about things in life such as your troubles, your concerns, your victories, etc. Transparency will provide an amazing sense of confidence because you have nothing to hide. Be the strength you want to possess!

So to come back to this morning, I feel great. My coffee tasted great, I made my wife her lunch, and helped her to complete an important project before her workday began. We needed a few things from the store and I got everything I needed to get without a glance at my cold, hoppy friends in the cold case. Beer was the farthest thing from my mind for the first time in a long time. I even managed to make some changes to my blog website before writing to you. If you have seen my page before, you will notice that the Google Plus and the WordPress logos are gone. They looked nice, but I realized that I honestly didn’t know if they even did anything. The only ones are Facebook and Twitter logos and if you click them, you will be directed to my personal pages instead of your newsfeed! This is an issue I was unaware of until yesterday, so hopefully I can connect better with my readers now.

In conclusion, I really hope that this feeling stays with me awhile. I could seriously get used to how motivation feels. They say that an object in motion will stay in motion so I feel optimistic about my new approach to things. I also hope to begin writing some fiction works soon so subscribe or add me to your social media if you enjoy my posts! Make it a great day!



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