You can’t get up each day without getting off each time the phone beeps or buzzes. Like a dogs’ dinner bell it tolls, enticing your salivating ego. Life is but a dream in the midst of all those likes. Besides, it didn’t really happen if you didn’t post it, right?

How did our parents do it? Better yet, how did their parents do it? The illusive nosey neighbor has existed since the dawn of time, but how was it possible to live life without validation from shoveling digital defecation down the eyes, ears, and throats of all of their “friends”? Was there really life before duck faces, emojis, and posting the most gut-wrenching, heart breaking, and gory details meant to be solemn instead of soiled? I mean think about it… What would Jesus do? We should all know since we constantly revel in our stewardship, right?

I’m no theologian, but I’m pretty sure there is nowhere in His teachings that say, “Oh Father! Why hast thou forsaken me?! How am I to die for them when I haven’t reached seven thousand likes yet?! Where does my validation come from?!” The only followings or lessons you know are those you spout to raise convenient awareness because YOU think you are someones’ savior.

When blessings become boasts, tragedy becomes travesty, and the your socialization becomes nothing more than a script, are you truly living life? Remember that all things will come to an end one day and when the curtain closes, what will you do? When you are left with no one but yourself will you carry on with life, or was it all merely an act for the audience you thought cared so dearly? Is your castle built with stone or sand? Perhaps the clothes line brandishing the dirty laundry was hung too close to the ground, dragging your walls with it.

Believe me, I am not here to cast stones. To be honest, I am guilty of the chase as well. We were only children when the world was placed at our fingertips and we were told that we had a voice to use. What was to remain contained in intimate walls was released as the doors became open at our discretion. The gun was loaded and our tiny hands used the home row keys as target practice. It’s not your fault. We didn’t know better and some were forced to learn the hard way that it is okay to be an average person. You are a victim of validation like the rest of us. Perhaps there is hope in the midst of this social sabotage.

One day we will disconnect. We will smell the flowers instead of posting them. Taste the food instead of filtering it first. Love the bonded and eternal instead of the cheap thrill of the thumbs up. We will learn to not take the sanctity of our homes for granted by bombing the eyes of strangers with self-righteous gloats of glory and moaning woe. Surely we will see that there is more to life than screens and wires, but until we realize the vandalism that this validation brings, we will remain dead and callus who we really are. You are not special. You are not the best. You are not a savior. You are however one of us; unique and irreplaceable. Welcome to the club. Now find your soul again.

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