July 28, 2018: Yesterday

Today has been a day of just hanging out and doing a whole lot of nothing. Nothing has sounded very interesting aside from Netflix and a low budget film we found on our Shudder subscription. When the temperature and humidity compete with one another in a pissing competition of epic proportion, it almost doesn’t seem worth the effort in going outside. Yesterday was a really good day however, despite the heat. It was so good in fact that I hate that I didn’t write about it sooner.

First of all, yesterday marked the beginning of four days off of work. Once the clock read seven in the morning, I was revved up and ready to get my wife and I some breakfast. Two honey-butter chicken biscuits, hash rounds, and sweet teas from Hardees later, I sped up highway 321 to the first exit ramp and made it to my apartment in record time. I sat up with my wife for about an hour after a much needed shower while we ate and got about three hours of sleep before a therapy appointment. I don’t like sleeping the whole day away on the first day I have off. Do I need the rest? Of course I do! Life is entirely too short however to waste time in bed more than needed and the lack of sleep helps me to get back on track with sleeping at night. Sheer exhaustion and mass quantities of caffeine… they do a body good!

If you have followed my blog (or trudged begrudgingly… Thank you again by the way) for any length of time, you know several aspects about my life that I will touch on from time to time. A couple of those things being that I have bipolar disorder and that I go to therapy on a regular basis to talk about it and work some things out now that I have a diagnosis for it. Yes, I take medicine for it. No, I’m not crazy. No, I will not become violent in an instant. Television and the internet have given bipolar disorder a bad reputation and the truth is that the severity can vary from person to person. If anyone has any questions about it, I am more than happy to open up to anyone willing to listen but after rolling it around in my mind for awhile I have decided to stop making my blog posts centered around it so contact me with any thoughts you have through messages or emails because I have bipolar, it does not have me.

It had been around a month since I had last been to a therapy session but I was pretty excited to go to this one because a lot had happened over the past couple of weeks, let alone the whole month. This blog has had such a big change in how I write and think about writing that it honestly has helped to be more of the therapeutic experience it was supposed to be from the beginning. I let her read my past several posts and let her read the piece I wrote called “Plateau” where I had turned myself into a zombie and the difference in reaction from both her and I were both agreed that things are beginning to look up. After diagnosing the bipolar disorder my goal for therapy was to become better at time management and not letting my emotions overwhelm me but now that I’m becoming happier, it’s becoming easier to get things done. I think the goal has changed now to learn to not give up on a dream. I have some ideas so be on the lookout soon!

After a great session, my appetite was on the rise and the previous day we had decided to go back to The Country Kitchen for their Friday night karaoke. Last week wrote about The Country Kitchen proving to me that they could live up to their sign out front; the sign proclaiming that they have “the best burger in town”. I went into great detail to describe this bad boy:

After having such a monstrous burger, do I think they have the best burger in town?

That is until I had this…

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the double bacon bologna burger. I’m going to have to explain this one in order from bottom to top. Bottom bun, crispy bacon laying in an “X” pattern underneath perfectly fried onion rings, a well-done six ounce beef patty, what I can only imagine to weigh in at six ounces of juicy thick-cut bologna (they didn’t say and I didn’t ask), another six ounce beef patty with melted cheese on top, crisp lettuce, juicy homegrown tomatoes, perfectly southern coleslaw, and topped with the top bun with a steak knife to hold it all together. Folks if you stop in and want this one, you won’t find it on the menu but they are more than happy to make it for you with whatever toppings you want on it. With that said, it is a custom item so I don’t recall the price but I believe it was still about ten dollars or less on a plate resting in a bed of tater tots. You will not be disappointed in the food or the friendly staff who are more than happy to take care of you. The love is in the food!

We had eaten with a good friend of ours and she had followed us home to hang out for awhile. between UNO, YouTube, and Cuphead we had a lot of laughs and it made for some much needed down time from the stressful week I had left behind. I was definitely able to get back on track with sleeping at night after such a busy afternoon. Days like that are ones that give you a good reason to go with the flow of things and try new experiences. It felt good to talk about new things, eat new things, and just feel good about life. Towards the end of my session I had mentioned that I am so sick of being cautious about what I say and not saying what’s on my mind for fear of offending people. I’m not saying that I’m going to the nearest Catholic church and pushing over a priest and cursing at a nun in Latin, but what I am saying is that I’m going to say what I mean and what feels good and right to me. This is my life and my work in progress. I hope you enjoyed your Friday and are having fun this weekend. Until next time be smart, be safe, and be happy!

-Shelton Fisher

(Burger photo credit to my lovely wife Kimberly)

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