July 30, 2018: Waiting Room

Happy Monday wherever you may be planted today. With this being my last day off before investing four more days at work, I decided to get some errands finished today. This blog begins at the car dealership waiting room as I wait for my oil to get changed but could end just about anywhere I suppose.

Once the oil is changed there are a couple of medicines that need to get filled as well as my gas tank, and not to mention laundry to be washed… And the dishes… Dear God the dishes! Remind me why I became an adult again? Oh yeah… Coffee! Ariel’s got nothing on my little caffeinated mermaid.

A couple of hours have passed and I’m still in the same chair waiting. I half expect a surgeon to come in with oily scrubs with sweat on his brow, preparing to tell me awful news at this point. At least it’s cool in here.

I keep mulling over the idea of a desperately needed haircut. I’m beginning to look like the result of if Wilson from “Castaway” had a threesome with a potato and a coconut. The only issue that arises is that I have such thick and curly hair that I never know whether to grow it out or not. The awkward phase is always entirely too awkward. Last time I did something to it, I buzzed the back and sides to the scalp and left the top to grow but I almost feel like trying something all together different. If there’s anyone out there who knows what to do with hair that has input, feel free to throw some my way!

(Don’t look at me like that Wilson…)

At long last I am home now with my meds, a full tank of gas, two happy dogs, with this guy that was waiting at my door.

I know what you’re thinking. “FINALLY! Someone put a hit out on this guy!” Well friends, put the streamers and party hats away because this is actually my hat that I ordered from Wish. Apparently when you order a hat that they don’t want to crush, it comes cleverly disguised as a bomb. Recently I have become obsessed with pork pie hats for some reason. I’m really into vintage styles but can’t stand fedoras so these are quickly becoming my favorite new thing to wear, especially my straw hats. This is what finally came today:

But because I have a big ass head, I wear all of them like this:

Despite being trapped at a car dealership for three hours, loitering around Sam’s Club for awhile while waiting for medicine, and getting gas, I managed to at least get the dishes washed. Hopefully blogging as I lived out the day made for an entertaining reading experience as it made for a fairly interesting writing one! If anyone needs me I will be either playing UNO with Kimberly or beginning Elder Scrolls Online as reccomended by one of our good friends (thanks Madison). If you enjoyed this read, please let me know as I’m always trying new ways to write about the day and incorporate media with the blog. Until next time, be safe, be smart, and be happy!

-Shelton Fisher

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