August 7, 2018: Catch Up(Ketchup?)

Hello at long last! It’s been a long time and I have been busy, stressing out, and being just a touch lazy as well over the past week or so, but I’m back! I know… you’re thrilled about my absolutely riveting tales of sitting on my couch either digging in my nose, doing dishes or laundry, or screwing around with Snapchat filters to see which one makes me look like a “nicer” piece of shit. At any rate, let’s catch up or “ketchup” depending on how thick your southern accent is.

When we last crossed paths I was stranded at the car dealership for three to four hours waiting for my car to get serviced. Thirty-two unplanned dollars and a pissed off scowl later, I walked away with the lesson learned that nothing is ever free. Without getting to heavily into it, just know this. If you are ever buying a car from a dealership and they offer you “free” oil changes for any length of time, know that all they are doing is tacking on the price of said oil changes to the price of the car and your lender may not like that. This in fact happened to me without my knowledge and cost me at the time of service, so tell them when you are doing the paperwork to keep their damn, dirty oil because you want the price you discussed and you “know a guy” (whether you do or not).

On August 2nd, Kimberly and I went to go see the Kesha and Macklemore concert that came through Charlotte. Despite not being a diehard fan of either artist, I must say that I was definitely impressed with both performances. Kesha has grown a lot as an artist ever since the falling out with her old label and as for Macklemore… Let’s just say that by the end of his set I felt as good as Willy Wonka when Charlie gave him back the Gobstopper. The entire show was well worth the ticket price aside from the POURING rain. Luckily I had purchased covered seats… Or so I thought because our seats were right on the edge of being covered… Regardless, a little rain never hurt anyone so we took it as just a minor setback and enjoyed the show.

Here we are before we went to the show
The seats are covered they said… You won’t get wet they said…

The following days consisted of hustle and grind as I used a half day to recover from the rainstorm endured from the concert and a full twelve hours the following day. Sometimes I have to shake things up because all work and no play makes Shelton a dull boy.

“But Shelton… You’re telling us you had four days off and are JUST NOW writing something?!”

Yes judgmental voice from my head that I just notated as an audience, I did. The reason is because for some reason time seems to be slipping away from me lately. Saturday was an off day because most of it was spent wandering around Concord Mills. If you aren’t from the Piedmont area of North Carolina, Concord Mills is one of the largest shopping malls we have that offers a huge variety of outlet stores and some of which are my personal favorites such as Spencer’s, Hot Topic, F.Y.E., and Forever 21. Kimberly was out spending time with some of her friends for a few hours who live in that area and I had a good bit of time to kill, so it seemed to work out well. The following day was spent with our good friend, Madison. She has been a friend of Kimberly’s for as long as I can remember and we all have recently been hanging out together to play video games, get piercings, and go do other fun stuff in our free time. She’s pretty spiffy so Sunday was knocked out pretty quickly.

Then comes yesterday… Monday is the mother of all dreaded days and despite having the day off, there were a couple of complications with our new property management that had me stressed and not in a good place to write. A lot of things were discussed between my wife and I about ways to save money and there are some habits that I’m going to have to break, but I’ll get to that in another post on another day (Trust me, you may want to try this one). To make a long story short, we are paying entirely too much money for a shit apartment and the only thing that stops us from getting a house is credit mistakes I made in my late teens/early twenties. It’s been a struggle for a long time and if we ever get into a good situation where we transition to a house, the journey is going to be documented because surely I can’t be the only one in stuck in this catch twenty-two of good income but fair credit. There is a trick to it and when I figure it out, I’m blowing the damn lid off of it!

On a more positive note for anyone who reads local newspapers, I reached out to “Banner News” which is a weekly newspaper that covers news for the towns of Mount Holly, Belmont, Cramerton, Lowell, McAdenville, and Stanley, North Carolina. In the issue that is coming out this Thursday, they are going to publish one of my original pieces!

“But Shelton… You are a pierced, tattooed, cursing scoundrel with a lot of opinions and bipolar disorder! How dare you put yourself out to a community like that!”

Well how dare you notated judgmental voice! I grew up on the outskirts of Mount Holly and clean up fairly nicely when necessary. The bottom line is this; a lot of people my age give my county shit for being what it is because honestly, a lot of crimes occur by strange people in certain parts of the area, but I love it regardless. The country roads are familiar and fun to ride down, high school rivalries are timeless despite a persons’ age, and shopping local is easy with the growth of each small town. I have lived here my entire life thus far and would be perfectly fine continuing to do so. With that said, I want to give something back to my community as it continues to grow and thrive and the only thing I have worthwhile is writing things. I will hopefully continue to be contributing to “Banner News” with anecdotes about growing up in Mount Holly, things that are going on in the community, and even stories about adventures at local dog parks. And yes, it is going to be 100% family friendly! So take that disembodied voice!

More or less, that pretty well is the recap of what’s been going on. Hopefully it hasn’t been too awfully heartbreaking to not have seen a post for awhile but I’m glad to be back. I knew your heart would go on.Seriously though, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. writing these gets a lot off of my mind and helps me out in a way that even words can’t express. Lately I have had some feedback about language and how things are different with pictures and links but I hope it is still an enjoyable experience. Hopefully I will return sooner than later but in the meantime be safe, be smart, and be happy!

-Shelton Fisher

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