An Introduction is in Order…

My name is Shelton Fisher and I’m your typical millennial. No, I don’t feel “entitled” to anything or participate in large protests for change, but I’m a bearded, tattooed, Ray Ban wearing twenty-something. I am a full time worker, a loving husband and pet owner of two dogs and guinea pig. With all the good in my life, I also have my baggage.

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with anxiety. Despite being a musician while in school and beyond, I have always been a nervous wreck about deadlines, traveling, social situations, among other things. I used to drink to deal with my anxieties but began to notice that it only made things worse and talked to my doctor. Now that I am beginning to understand what my problems and triggers are, I have decided to share with you my life through writing.

“Out to Dry” is a place to vent to the internet about things that make me tick, to write original works and poetry, and share with you my life experiences in an attempt to keep a healthy outlet to express how anxiety feels behind the eyes of someone who juggles with it on a regular basis. I will get personal, I may get profane, and if you know me out in the world this blog my shock you, but please feel free to comment on any works you like or dislike. I hope you enjoy what you read and welcome to my world!

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